How To Choose How Many Speeds You Need On Your Cruiser Bikes

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Should You Choose Multiple Gears for Your Bicycle?

Are you looking into purchasing a new bicycle? If so, you probably already know that there are tons of cool bikes out there to pick from. One of my favorites right now is the cruiser bike – it making a comeback than ever! Many sellers offer custom cruiser bikes allowing you to select from a huge assortment of accessories and colors to match your personality. They will also give you the option of choosing type of brakes, body style, the size, and how it’s geared. And gearing is typically where the newer bike owner gets a bit intimidated. But it all and quite straightforward and the sort of riding you will do. To help out, we’re going to differentiate between speed, 3-speed, and cruiser bikes so that you can make an informed decision. It depends upon two things, as you will see: How you intend to use the bike and the sort of brakes you wish to use.

There is A single speed cruiser perfect for rides around town. It works the best with coaster brakes. Those are. The bike will look super clean since it doesn’t require gears or brake lines. Single speed cruisers are some of the best looking bikes around. A basket on the back makes it perfect for trips. But if you live in a hilly area, or like to use your bike for long rides, you are looking for a bike with gears. Let’s discuss the difference between a 3-speed and a 7-speed.

There is A seven-speed bike the ultimate in flexibility. Great beach bikes are made by them or can be utilized in hilly or windy areas. The gears will allow you pedal or with the wind at your back by changing into immunity and a lower gear. Because the resistance is diminished in the wind, you should be able to pedal up a hill, in high gear, or across the sand. These bikes usually use hand brakes which can help you slow or stop even on a downhill. They also permit you to brake quicker if you ride on streets that are busier, which is significant.

A three-speed bicycle can allow the two extremes to meet in the middle. Custom cruiser bikes can include disk brakes (coaster brakes) to maintain a classic appearance. Multiple speeds give you versatility although there won’t be quite as much variance.

Remember these simple rules for choosing your number of gears:
– The further you wish to ride along with the more rigorous the conditions, the gears you wish.
– A beautiful bike to ride around and show off needs a single gear.
– The 3-speed falls somewhere in between and allows you to have a nice looking bike that you can ride a little harder.
Which is the best fit for you, ensure that you get out onto it and start having some fun!

Now you are ready to hop on a brand new custom cruiser bicycle and get moving! Make to your cruiser bike suited perfectly to your personality and see all of the options available! Visit us at [] today and see what all the excitement is about in the cruiser bike rebirth!

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